Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh shed, spring is hair again!


Aaaahh... spring is here again, and with that comes the seasonal rite of shedding. Horses shed particularly heavily in spring, then more lightly in fall. The accompanying photos were taken just recently, as my horses are trying to lose their winter coats to allow their summer coats to shine through. As you can see, some horses lose a dramatic amount of hair in what I like to call the "mangy horse" syndrome. Older horses in particular seem to like to grow a LOT of winter hair, then have to get rid of it all in the spring. Sometimes it comes out in lovely patches. The molting look is very unattractive!

A little to the left, please
Benefits to manually shedding:

The local birds get a bonanza of soft fluff to build their nests and cushion their fragile eggs. OK, they get that when a horse sheds naturally by rolling and rubbing on things as well.

Less hair on your trees and fences

Good arm, hand and finger exercise for the human shedders, even if you use tools...

Great opportunity to bond with your horse, spending some extra time and attention on their care and comfort

Grossing out your prissier friends

Yeah, right there
Downfalls of manually shedding:

Very dirty hands and fingers - it is amazing how tenaciously that grime sticks to the area under your fingernails, in particular!


Some horses can be a little sensitive or ticklish - be gentle and be careful!

Loose hair never, never, ever will wash out of your clothing

Enough of it will wash/dry out of your clothing to line the walls of your washer and dryer and "infect" your previously hairless clothing

Grossing out your loved ones

Feeling itchy yet?
Go ahead, sneeze


  1. haha! Very informative and amusing post!

    I've taken cat hair from my especially furry cat and tossed it outside; bird LOVE it for their nests.

  2. I have a blogger friend whose horse basically sheds in one day! My horse takes about a month to shed out. I wear a windbreaker when I brush him so the hair doesn't stick to my clothing. You are right - the birds love shedding time!